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Man standing high in the mountains with the scene to the Greek valley behind him.
In the autumn of 2019 I spent two weeks in Greece studying photography. I set myself tasks, performed exercises and kept meticulous diary of my work.

My name is Seppo Alanko and I’m a Photographer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Consultant and Entrepreneur from Espoo, Finland. I love CrossFit, travelling, audio books, yin yoga and languages.

Picseeker was born of Instagram when I wanted to create a username that was at the same time short and catchy and would actually convey to other users my view to photography. I see the world as a immense entity that is beautiful as it is. It’s up to me to seek an angle and a view that can catch a glimpse of that into a two dimensional frame.

At some point people started to ask whether I would like to take pictures for them. Then I realized that working with others helped me to expand my own perspective and find new views and ideas.

I’d love to capture some flashes of Your view of the world. If you’re interested, please send me a message!

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